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Best practice benchmarks will be used by Vigilant Cyber Services to identify select control gaps and strengths. A gap analysis based approach allows Vigilant Cyber Services and your company sufficient control visibility to set objectives and priorities for remediation efforts. It also allows you to document and represent current control activities to regulatory auditors and examiners in the best context possible, as a best practice.

Regulatory, Governance & Compliance

Vigilant Cyber Services professionals are experienced in serving a variety of our firms' clients in a wide range of industries in areas such as royalties, licensing, distribution agreements, advertising, digital content and more. As a result, we understand the complexities and nuances of a range of business contracts, processes and procedures and have been able to help companies recover revenue misstated in self-reporting statements while maintaining and improving relationships with their business partners.
  • SOX
  • ISO 27001

Secure Design & Deployment

Vigilant Cyber Services uses an industry standard best practices methodology which is comprehensive, yet flexible and will work “within” business process objectives. Vigilant Cyber Services provides professional security services for the full life cycle of a inter-networking system; including planning, design, implementation, operations and optimization (PDIOO), and maintains expertise in the most complex security technologies and multi-vendor environments. Our expertise encompasses all aspects of today's technologies such as:

  • Voice Over IP (VoIP)
  • Wireless Networking
  • Server & Desktop Virtualization
  • Application Design & Coding
  • Mobile & Cloud Computing

Vigilant Cyber Services professionals are experienced in designing, deploying and supporting data networks for the government, public and private sectors. We are experienced in implementing cutting-edge high performance LAN and WANs, as well as designing advanced security solutions such as high performance routing & switching infrastructures, secure wireless, firewalls, intrusion detection systems and VPN's. Customers can take advantage of this expertise to ensure that their data networks deliver real benefits in any business environment.


Managed Security Services Provider

Vigilant Cyber Services Cyber Security Monitoring (CSM) is a managed service combining cutting-edge detection hardware, proprietary software, and expertise from industry leading security experts into an innovative methodology for identifying, responding, and remediation of cyber-attack.

Vigilant Cyber Services provides comprehensive managed security services custom tailored to provide a unified, cost-effective answer to your business challenges. We combine best-of-breed technology, best practices, and a team of certified technical professionals to deliver 24/7 on premise, co-located, and hosted managed services to public and private companies. We provide full life-cycle for cyber defense.

Risk Management: Analysis & Assessment

Vigilant Cyber Services security risk management experts work with you to assess your information security policies, processes, and technologies to identify weaknesses, categorize security risks, and recommend improvements. Our Security Risk Analysis and Assessment service helps fortify your environment and improve compliance with industry regulations by providing a comprehensive assessment of each important aspect of your security program including:

  • Internal and external controls
  • Policies & procedures
  • Gaps vs. regulations and best practices
  • Vulnerabilities & threats


IT Security Risk Assessment and Analysis - Reporting Objectives

The report objectives of our Security Risk Analysis and Assessment service are to provide management with clear and concise answers to the following questions:

  • Within the scope of the control areas being tested, how well are you protecting your information-based assets from internal and external threats?
  • Are management, administrative, physical, technical and policy based controls adequate?
  • How do your controls compare to others in its industry?
  • What is the quickest, most cost effective way to manage risk to an acceptable level?


Policy Assessment Review & Gap Analysis

Vigilant Cyber Services will conduct an assessment on all documented security policies and procedures for proper adherence as related to ISO 27001  / 17799 industry standard best practices. This assessment will allow Vigilant Cyber Services to conduct a gap analysis between the organization and industry standards. From there, Vigilant Cyber Services will be able to recommend additional policies & procedures or modifications to existing policies that have been or need to be created.


Security Policy and Procedure Creation

For organizations that do nor currently have any security policies in place, Vigilant Cyber Services can assist in the creation of foundational security policy and procedures applicable to the business and operational needs of a network. This can also be done with respect to any compliance regulations governing the organizations business model.


Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

Vigilant Cyber Services has become a leading provider of continuity planning services and consulting to the government and private sectors. Vigilant Cyber Services develops procedures that address and document the steps for responding to a crisis event, recovering operational capability and resuming critical business functions, and eventually restoring all functions to "business as usual".

The key to our success is the ability to provide customers with unparalleled project management and planning facilitation services combined with our powerfully equipped web based planning system. Utilizing these strengths, Vigilant Cyber Services has been able to successfully train countless government agencies and corporate enterprises through the process of designing, developing, and maintaining their continuity plans.

Using lessons-learned and client feedback to continually improve our planning and project management approach, Vigilant Cyber Services has established a proven method of leading organizations through the continuity development process more efficiently and intuitively than other available alternatives.

Vigilant Cyber Services is capable of managing continuity projects of all types and sizes and can provide planning services which include staff training, plan development, meeting facilitation, and on-going plan development support. By selecting a customer-service focused company like Vigilant Cyber Services with a proven web-based planning tool, our projects are guaranteed to be completed on time, on budget, and in a successful manner.

Vigilant Technologies

Vigilant Technologies is a certified 8(a), Veteran Owned company headquartered in Chandler, Arizona. We provide products, services and enterprise-wide integration of innovative IT solutions to commercial, Federal, State and Local government clients. Our Leading edge services include Private/Hybrid Cloud, Server Consolidation, Virtualization implementation, and Infrastructure Management.

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